5 Reasons to Book a Professional Headshot Right Now

5 Reasons to Book a Professional Headshot Right Now

We live in a visual world like no other generation has
before us. Everywhere we look we see images, of ourselves, of other people.
What better way to invest in yourself than with a professional headshot? We’re
taught not to judge a book by its cover, but first impressions go a long way,
especially in this visual world. Here are five reasons to book a professional
headshot right now.

1.      Having a professional headshot is even more important at this very moment due to coronavirus, and the absence of in-person meetings. Don’t use a selfie stick for your LinkedIn profile picture. A professional can get a much better picture, find the right angle, and catch you in your best light.

2.      Having an up-to-date headshot let’s people know what you look like right now, not ten years ago. Surprising people when you meet them in person by having an old picture isn’t a good look.

3.      Impress potential employers or other important contacts with a professional headshot by standing out from the rest of your competitors. By using a visually appealing high resolution photo as opposed to a poor quality cell phone shot, you’ll be sure to stand out from the competition!

4.      Looking professional is a natural confidence boost. If you look and feel your best, your confidence will pour over into your attitude.

5.      A headshot just screams professionalism. If you look the part, people who don’t know you are more likely to give you a shot.

A photographer can do more than just take your photo, they can help give you advice on clothing choice, as well as the style you’re trying to portray. This is an investment in your future, it’s a lot more than just another photo. Whether you’re an individual, small business owner, realtor, actor, or writer, I’ll help you put your best face forward with fresh photography. Reach out to schedule your appointment

Getting the Best Shots for Beach Weddings

Beaches are beautiful. The sway of the tide
hitting the sand, seagulls in flight, the smell of salt in the air. It is truly
a breathtaking and romantic location for a wedding.

Beaches are beautiful, but they are also harsh
environments. Here are a few tips to make your beach wedding the best it can be.

1)  Be sure to use the bathroom before arrival. This might not top everyone’s idea for a first topic, but – it’s important nonetheless.
Beaches often don’t have bathrooms accessible and if they do, I don’t imagine
you’d want to be walking in your glorious wedding dress in there. Now, to topic 2.

2)  Drink Water! Keeping hydrated is very important
on the beach. Regardless of breeze, the heat and sun can dehydrate you more quickly than you’d expect. To guarantee you’ll be up for the night of partying, be sure
to keep hydrated.

3)  Wear Sunscreen! The sun’s rays are much
stronger then people think. Make sure to wear a sunscreen formulated for the
face. These are often less shiny and sticky. Use a loose powder to cover the
shine after application.

4)  Shoes or no shoes, that is the question. The
decision is really up to you, but those cute white pumps with the fringe – they
will not work on the beach. Opt for nice sandals or a beautiful ankle bracelet.
Consider setting up a shoe station for guests, with a mat, baby powder, and
brushes so they can clean off their feet before getting back into their shoes.

5)  Consider buying or renting a sound system so
that your guests can hear you recite your vows over the loud roar of the ocean. It’s
often not thought of, but it will make a huge difference.

We’ve gone through how to prepare for your beach wedding before, and
during the ceremony. Now onto preparing for the best beach wedding PHOTOS!

1)  Use waterproof makeup and setting spray for
your face. You’ll be crying and sweating, and all of that is not good for
makeup. Powder can help in a pinch, but once that bead of sweat rolls down your
cheek – you’ll be able to see it. Setting spray is a great type of product to
help keep your makeup in place for hours. If no spray or powder are handy, in a
last ditch effort – lightly, while holding your breath, use hairspray. Be
careful. Eyes closed. All that jazz. It helps; but it’s an assault on your
senses when applying.

2)  Your cheeks will hurt after smiling so much. If
you need a moment – just tell your photographer. Relax your face and back at
it. (This is especially important if you have a large family, with a lot of
different group shots).

3)  Consider having an updo versus long and wavy
hair. The direction of the wind and how it relates to the sunset is out of our
control. Having an updo can help avoid parts of your hair flying in front of
your face during photos.

4)  Your photographer, hopefully me, but your
photographer will have ideas as they’re working. They’ll see something, and work
towards ‘trying it out’. This is a process; an exploration of light or posing.
Those unique, one of a kind shots come from those moments of inspiration. Go
with the flow.

5)  We are here for you! It is your big day. As a photographer,
I aim to not only capture your beautiful day, but I am here to be an asset to
your Big Day! I want these images to make you cry in joy. I care just as you
care. I respect you, and am so happy for you. 

Preparing a Home for Real Estate Photography!

Making the decision to sell your home is almost
as big of a decision as buying a home in the first place. I’m sure you remember
scouring the internet or news listings with stunning images of homes in the
neighborhood when you were looking to buy. My goal is to produce stunning
images for your home, just like the ones you see when searching for real estate listings
online. Simple enough?

Granted, each home is different, but there are
a few things you can do before the photographer (hopefully myself) arrives to
help show your home in its best light!!! 

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

1)  Clear the Driveway! Make sure there are no cars blocking the front of the home.

2)  Clean up the front yard. Now’s a good time to refresh that mulch, or trim the hedges. It’s hard work, but it pays off in the long run.

3)  While we’re outside, consider making sure that the back yard is also clean and organized. Get out the rake.

4)  Inside, the first thing to consider is that we want this home to look appealing to the greatest amount of potential buyers. This mindset is a common theme for all aspects of preparing a home for real estate photography, and will help answer a lot of the questions you may have.

5)  De-Clutter!!! At this point, you’ll want to remove all ‘personal’ belongings. This includes family photos, and knick-knacks. You are welcome to leave non-distracting décor and wall art out and on the walls. You’ve seen the showrooms at Ikea, a little less cluttered than those spaces is best.

6)  Clean and make all the beds. Don’t just make the beds for sleeping it, make them like hotel rooms are – pristine. And that dust on the end table, the camera can see that.

7)  Turn all the lights on, even the lamps. Turn ALL Fans off. Real estate photography uses slower shutter speeds and a moving fan will likely just not show it at all. It’s a small detail, but if you ever look at real estate photography online, the fans are NOT, moving.

8)  Open all the window treatments and blinds. We want to show off how bright and airy a room is, and to do that, we need those windows free from coverings. If the neighbor’s backyard is showing through a window, and it’s not the prettiest of sites – bring it up with your realtor and your photographer ahead of time.

9)  Remove small area rugs. It sounds silly, but small rugs can affect the appearance of the size of the room, they also hide the flooring – both factors a potential buyer is interested in checking out.

10)  Last but not least, hire a professional real estate photographer. Cellphone cameras are great, but a professional real estate photographer will know how to show your home in its best light.

Dylan Todd Photography is Now Offering the Gold Standard in 3D Imaging and Virtual Tours

Are you looking to improve your real estate listing and share your business virtually? Now with the help of 3D imaging that is possible. Dylan Todd is now offering the gold
standard in 3D imaging and virtual tours via Matterport. This tool can help you
attract buyers who are more interested in your property, which can make your
home sell faster.

Matterport 3D Interactive Tours

What is a 3D Virtual Tour?

A 3D Virtual Tour is a simulation of a physical location. Allowing you to ‘walk” through a property by using combined images and videos.

Why Use 3D Virtual Tours?

Using a 3D virtual tour for your business or real estate provides a unique way for owners to showcase their property. Not only that, but they’re able walk through on their own time, at any time of the day or night.

Useful to any Business

Although many realtors capture the essence of virtual 3D tours, they can be essential to virtually any business to showcase all they have to offer. By allowing potential clients the ability to walk through your business, you’re offering them the chance to see everything they can see or do when they do come visit.

Sharing on Social Media

These 3D tours can be shared on social media once created, allowing you to reach out to a whole new clientele.

Auto Play

More than just point and click, tours are available to auto play, as if the user is actually walking through the home or business.

I’m so happy to be able to offer Matterport 3D Interactive Tours to you! Having this technology at my fingertips provides a whole new way to showcase your home or business! Send me a message to learn more about how Matterport can improve your real estate listing, and how to share your St. Petersburg area business virtually.

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