In-Home Style and Concept Consultation

What is an In-Home Style and Concept Consultation?

The day has come, you’re getting ready for your shoot and you think to yourself, is this the right outfit that represents me, is this was makes me feel cool and comfortable, what will people think when they see a photo of me in this on LinkedIn? The stress starts building, and you can feel that little bead of sweat on your brow. You feel lost. You start thinking “Maybe I should cancel; maybe today isn’t the right day for me?”

In-Home Style and Concept Consultation

At Dylan Todd Photography, the stresses of outfit choices, background choices, locations and the like are all problems we are here to help address. At our in-home style and concept consultation, a complimentary service included with our custom and branding sessions, we will meet you at your home to discuss and plan your shoot. We’ll take a bit of time discussing first what the goal of the images is, then we’ll delve into the ‘Style’ part of our style and concept consultation. We’ll go through your wardrobe and pick out a handful of outfits that make you all the things you want to be in your photos – powerful, confident, relatable, and knowledgeable. It’s really a collaborative time, where we pick out the outfits and vibes for your shoot. I know, you’re probably thinking – “I’m not letting anyone in my closet, it’s a mess” – don’t worry, I live off a no-judgement-zone mentality. If you’ve seen my other work, you know I photograph a lot of houses; I’ve been in hundreds of people’s homes – legit, no judgment. I’m there with a goal, to help you choose the best outfits for your shoot.

Now that we’ve got the outfits chosen – think 3-5 of different styles from business to summer fun, we’ll plan our shoot. By the end of our meeting we will know which outfit fits for what location or background and have a plan for how this will all work out.

Trust me, you’ll feel relieved! One of the hardest parts of a shoot is the time leading up to it, and this is just one way that Dylan Todd Photography aims for you to have the best photo session of your life, stress free and feeling your best.

Have more questions or want to plan your next shoot – give me a call or send me a text at 727-310-1212.

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