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What Events Does 2021 Bring?

2020 was extremely challenging for everyone. While not much has change this first month of 2021, there is hope that some level of normalcy is on the horizon. Given major changes in your life and how hoping large gathering will hopefully make a comeback, what events does 2021 bring to you?

Change of Employment

Unfortunately, many people are still unemployed and looking for new employment. Now is the time to dust off and update that resume and get a new professional headshot. You will have lots of competition for open positions so you need to look your best. Besides, if you were subject to the Covid 10 or 20, you may not look like you did before. Contact me for a new studio headshot or lifestyle portrait.

Selling a Home

Unfortunately financial hardships may result in the need to sell your home. Or maybe your new employment is forcing you to relocate. Whatever the reason in this day people start their home buying online and often eliminate homes based on photos. You need to show your home in the best light in order to get them to come see it in person. Your first step is reading my Preparing a Home For Real Photography blog post. Your second step is contacting me for professional real estate photography and videography.

Family Reunions

Family reunions have been put on hold the past year. Hopefully, we can get everyone together later in 2021. What better way to document your family gathering than photos? Photos of the entire family and each individual family unit than can be shared with everyone.

Maybe you’re not having a reunion but you had a new addition to the family. Now is the time to update your family portrait. Contact me for a studio or on location portrait session.


Many engagements have been extended so the bride & groom can have the big wedding their dreams. Other have had a small gathering to be legally wed and plan on a reception once large gathering can happen safely. Whether it is a wedding & reception or just a reception, you need an experienced wedding photographer.

Dylan Todd Photography

So what events does 2021 bring to you and your family? Whatever the event, I have your professional photography covered. Doesn’t matter if your event is in St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Bradenton, Anna Maria Island, Sarasota, Orlando or other area cities, I can document your special occasion.

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