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Wedding Day Photo Must Haves

Your wedding day is planned for months if not years. Many little girls dream of this day for their whole life. Sadly, the day comes and goes so fast, it’s over before you know it! There are some wedding day photos that you simply must have. Your wedding photographer will most likely capture them anyway, but it’s a good idea to supply them with a list. Here are some wedding day photo must haves to give you an idea.

Wedding Day Photo Must Haves

  • Always get some photos getting ready. Whether it’s just the bride getting ready, the whole bridal party, or both the bride and groom. These photos are going to be treasured. The anticipation, excitement, it’s a once in a lifetime moment!
  • Capture the bouquet, you planned this and want to see it later in all its glory.
  • Be sure your photographer snaps a few pictures of both of you with your own personalities. Photos can be so planned, it’s great to get you in your elements.
  • Ask for photos of your dress and your shoes prior to wearing them, as well as the invitations and your rings.
  • Have your photographer capture the reception venue empty, you planned this too, you’ll want to see it in all its glory before it’s filled with friends and loved ones.

Some more obvious photos are:

  • The wedding ceremony
  • First kiss
  • Leaving the ceremony
  • The couple entering the reception
  • Family photos
  • The couple cutting the cake
  • Couple feeding each other the cake
  • The first dance, as well as the parents’ dances
  • Capturing all of the wedding party
  • Capturing all of the guests
  • Leaving the reception
  • The back of the car leaving the reception

As mentioned above, the day goes by so quickly. These photos will help to serve as your precious memories for years to come. It’s important to have a great photographer to work with you so you have the photos you want, to cherish the memories. Let Dylan Todd Photography capture your intimate wedding in St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Clearwater Beach, or Siesta Key. Contact me to book now!

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