Emotional Photos

Tips We Use To Capture Emotional Photos

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, right? It doesn’t matter what your photo session is for, whether it’s the BIG DAY, or business photos, headshots, or even family photo shoot. Some people are just not comfortable in front of the camera. So what do we as photographers do? Well, we have some tips we use to capture emotional photos while we’re behind the lens. 

Emotional Photos

One of the most simplistic ways to get people to relax and get some emotional photos is to have our subjects move around. When there is some sort of movement involved, they aren’t thinking about what they’re doing, and they lose that sense of nervousness. So that’s the power of movement which we use a lot! 

Focus on the subjects eyes. Even if their face tells a different story, the old saying rings true. The eyes don’t lie, they show our true emotions.

Focus on the details other than the face. Often times what’s around a person can help tell the story you’re trying to capture too. Whether it’s how they’re holding hands, how they’re standing, or even how they’re sweating. And of course taking that photo of the hands focusing on a ring if it’s an engagement or wedding photo session can never be wrong. 

Surprise them! Using the element of surprise can often work in your favor. When you catch someone off guard it allows their natural feelings to shine through! It’s similar to taking candids. They aren’t aware you’re taking a photo, and it might not be something you’d normally snap. 

One of the best ways to capture emotional photos is to just keep shooting! If you shoot continuously in bursts, you’ll catch things you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to catch, because you might not have been ready, or wouldn’t have known these things would come up! This way you’re able to catch a great photo at the right time! 

Now that you’re onto my tricks, relax and enjoy your next photo session with me! Schedule yours today! 

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