Sunrise Photo Shoot

Sunrise Photo Shoot

In Florida, especially on the west coast of Florida, we often think of sunset as the prettiest time of day, and the most wanted time to take beautiful photo shoots. But have you ever gotten up early and noticed just how beautiful our sunrises are? Think of how beautiful a sunrise photo shoot could be? When planned perfectly, there are numerous locations and reasons why a sunrise photo shoot could be perfect for you.

Sunrise Photo Shoot

As mentioned in a previous blog, when taking a sunset photo shoot at the beach, it’s often hard due to the numerous people trying to get that perfect sunset shot. This isn’t true with a sunrise photo shoot. There are often fewer people out at sunrise, making it the perfect time for picture taking because there won’t be people interrupting your frame.

The best sky during sunrise isn’t always looking at the sun. If you look around, often times the sky is brilliantly red, purple, orange and many other colors all over especially when the clouds are high. These colors make for brilliant photos. Not to mention the “golden hour” which yes, also happens during sunrise, just after the sun rises in the morning.

You can also double the beauty by using water for reflection shots, especially if the shoot is taking place at a pond, lake or some body of water. You get double the beauty in just one shot!

If you’re looking for silhouette shots, this is the perfect time. Just before sunrise, while it’s still under the horizon, we can get beautiful silhouette shots.

Everyone has their favorite of course, whether it be sunrise photography or sunset photography. They each have their pros and cons too. If you’re an early bird, and see the beauty in a sunrise, hopefully this gives a little insight on sunrise photography. If you’d like to schedule a sunrise photo shoot, or any type of portraiture, contact me here!

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