Summer Wedding Photography Tips

It’s no surprise that with weddings in Florida, summer wedding photography isn’t much different during the summer months than it is during any other time of the year with the exception of added humidity. But there are some summer wedding photography tips that can help you make the most out of your wedding photo session.

Summer Wedding Photography Tips

Water Shots

If you’re getting married near the water, consider renting a boat for some picture perfect water shots. These are a perfect opportunity for original, fun photos of the newlyweds! You could even just jump right in!

Take it All In

Set aside some time for the photographer to get the BIG picture. To capture the whole shot. You’ve put a whole lot of time and energy in setting up this beautiful event, be sure to capture it.

Keep the Weather in Mind

Don’t let a little rain ruin your day. Rain can be fun if you let it, depending on the timing of your shots. Clouds help build shape and depth to the sky, they aren’t a hindrance, but a photographer’s dream. If you have a beach wedding, keep the tides in mind. Depending on your location, high tide could mean there’s no beach, and low tide could mean the water is very far out, so keep tide times in mind when scheduling your wedding photographer.

Summer is Beautiful in Florida

The St. Petersburg area of Florida is beautiful during the summer months. Take advantage of that natural beauty. Bring it into your wedding photos. Take advantage of all Florida’s beauty!

Outdoor Photos

When you’re taking photos outdoors, you don’t want your makeup to be sweating off. Try opting for photos in shady areas like under a palm tree. Or try photos at dusk. Planning your photography time to fall at the end of sunset is the best to get rich colors and a vibrant setting.

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