Summer Wedding Photo Tips

Summer Wedding Photo Tips

Summer is right around the corner. This means summer weddings are too. But with summer comes some special challenges. The days are longer, the weather is hotter and more humid, there comes a greater risk of rain and showers, but these aren’t all bad things. Having longer days makes for more options for your photographer. See these tips to get the best summer wedding photos possible.

Summer Wedding Photo Tips

No one wants to take wedding photos staring into the sun, so try to schedule your wedding photographer to take photos around the golden hour. Not only will that time provide the most beautiful glow, but you won’t be squinting in your photos, and because the sun isn’t at its hottest point, you probably won’t be sweating as much as you would if the photos were being taken at the height of the afternoon.

Comfortable people take better photos so be comfortable! Wear the sandals if your feet hurt. Put your hair up or down depending on how it feels. If it’s very hot, put your hair up. If it’s windy or rainy, put it up. If you’re frustrated over the weather or how it’s making you feel, do what makes you feel comfortable.

For the men out there, consider renting two shirts. Often times in the St. Petersburg area of Florida, we aren’t wearing suit jackets anyway, but you can still sweat through a shirt. So if you have two, you can change into the dry one for photos.

Keep hydrated and eat during the day. Just like comfortable people take better photos, so do people who aren’t hungry. You also look better when you’re well hydrated too!

One of the most important summer wedding tips is to stay flexible. Our weather here can change from minute to minute. So if you have to run inside due to a quick thunderstorm, be prepared to do that. Remember, rain on a wedding day is good luck!

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