Brides have questions, we have even more answers! Not too long ago we published part one of our Q&A with Dylan Todd, here is Q&A with Dylan Todd Part 2 to hopefully answer any remaining questions you might have about your big day!


Do you have references?
Yes I do. Just ask and I can refer you to prior clients, and other vendors I’ve worked with. You can also see my reviews on Google.

How many shooting hours would you recommend for our particular wedding?
Every wedding is different so it’s difficult to say. I think at minimum – 2 hours. This allows for a half hour of getting ready and first look photos, the ceremony and formal photos of the family and friends who’ve joined. There’s also enough time to really make sure beautiful couples photos. If I had to recommend – I’d say that a photographer should be there through the Cake Cutting on a wedding day.

Do you offer engagement photos?
Yes I do! This is also a great opportunity for us to meet and do a run-through of our styles working together and collaborating on images prior to your wedding day.

What is the payment schedule?
I try to keep it simple. A 20% non-refundable deposit and signed contract are required to reserve me for your day. The total balance needs to be paid prior to your wedding date. I can help to break up payments between the deposit and wedding day however is most convenient for you.

Does your package have any hidden fees?
I’m not a fan of hidden fees – so I don’t have any.

What is your turnaround time for prints and files?
For smaller/shorter weddings – about 2 weeks. For longer weddings typically 3-4 weeks.

When will I see the proofs? Are they edited before or after I see them?
I include most all images with all of my wedding packages. I’ll remove images that are duplicates or that may not be technically sufficient. Those are the not so nice ones. Everything else is edited upon delivery.

Are there package deals for prints, books or additional photos?
I do not currently offer print packages, but the larger wedding packages do include engagement/couples’ session.

What is your plan in case of emergency—for example, you or a second photographer get sick?
Backup plans are always important. I typically check with 2 other photographers’ availability to cover should something happy the day of your wedding. Any replacement for myself or my second photographer should be of similar quality.

What are your procedures/fees if the night runs over?
My wedding photography contracts always include a ‘what if we go over’ clause. It’s just added on at the rate in the contract. It’s typically the average amount per hour based on your package. I try not to book other shoots the same day – so continuing the night dancing isn’t a problem.

What are your sharing and file ownership rules?
This is a great question! You’re welcome to use your images for personal use at your discretion. You can share them with friends and family, order prints and the like. I do ask that when you post on social media – please tag me! It really helps get my work out there and keeps me doing what I love to do. If other vendors ask for images – please feel free to direct them my way. I don’t typically charge for vendors to use my images but it gives me a good opportunity to make that contact with another person in the industry.

What information (contact lists, schedule, and desired shots) should we send you before the wedding?
Of course, the couple getting married. Often I’ll ask for the contact of the parents and Maid of Honor/Best – as a just in case.

Do you have recommendations for scheduling the wedding day?
I do! It’s a little easier to discuss this over the phone – so give me a call and let me know what you have in mind.

How far in advance do you need the timeline and shot list?
I like to have it before our last call (the one 1-3 days before your big day) so I can ask questions and make additional notes for myself if needed.

Where will we shoot throughout and around the venue?
I’m happy to join on a walkthrough of your venue and game plan shots and share ideas.

How do you handle directing the guests for group photos?
I am pretty soft spoken but I do have my ‘boss’ voice that’s louder. Sometimes I’ll get on a chair. Sometimes I’ve gone up to each person to help pose them. If needed I’ll ask the maid of honor or best man to help corral.

Will there be a photographer for both me and my fiancé prep rooms?
If it’s just me, then it’s just me. If you have a package that includes another photographer or we add one to your wedding then myself and other photographer will help focus on one group or another individually.

Should we arrange our hotel/getting-ready rooms in any particular way?
It’s a big ask, but making a tidy space is very helpful. Wedding dresses are long and I’ll often look for a window or doorway to hang the dress. If you can help me help you pick that place and make it clear of distracting things (like shoes, it’s always shoes, lol).

How should I time hair and makeup with your arrival?
I should arrive right as hair and makeup are finishing with the bride

Should we be conscious of any particular shots during the ceremony?
I think that capturing, authentically, the ceremony, is beautiful. I’ll work my way around the room to get different angles of you two exchanging vows. I do ask that the officiant move to the side when you kiss so that they’re not right behind you in those shots.

How do we check in with you at the end of the night?
When it’s nearing the end of our contracted time, I will come up to you to let you know. I’m always available to you, especially on your wedding day.

My venue offers a vendor meal, do you have a preference or dietary needs?
I have no dietary restrictions, but often prefer the vegetarian option.

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