Professional Real Estate Photos, Are They Important?

You’re getting ready to sell your home, and wondering if you need professional real estate photos. Are they that important? The answer is yes. Let’s look at why.

Professional real estate photos have become increasingly important, especially in today’s digital world of instant gratification. But even more than that, with COVID, people are buying homes sometimes without even seeing them. Potential home buyers are looking at homes from across the country, or from different states, making professional real estate photos a must have!

Professional Real Estate Photos

Professional real estate photos are also important because they allow the seller to show their home in its best light. There are also editing tools your professional photographer can use to make little flaws disappear. Did you know that rather than staging a house, you can virtually have your home staged too? How amazing is that?

Professional real estate photographers will also have the eye for the perfect angle, the proper lighting, and they provide the highest quality photos of your home. Making sure to have photos of every space in the home is important to give an accurate representation of the space. The more photos on your listing, the better the chances you have of selling your home quicker.

Professional photos can even be enhanced with the help of 3D walk throughs with technology such as Matterport. Matterport allows potential buyers to walk through a home virtually through the use of imaging and infrared 3D mapping. It’s accurate within 1%, allowing viewers to also measure a home.

With the advances in today’s technology, not only are we having more homes sell with fewer days on the market, but many homes are being sold sight unseen.

If you are thinking about selling your home and are looking for a professional real estate photographer, send me a message to learn more about how Dylan Todd Photography can improve your real estate listing, and how to share your St. Petersburg area listing virtually.

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