Real Estate Photography

Preparing a Home for Real Estate Photography!

Making the decision to sell your home is almost as big of a decision as buying a home in the first place. I’m sure you remember scouring the internet or news listings with stunning images of homes in the neighborhood when you were looking to buy. My goal is to produce stunning
images for your home, just like the ones you see when searching for real estate listings online. Simple enough?

Granted, each home is different, but there are a few things you can do before the photographer (hopefully myself) arrives to help show your home in its best light!!!

Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography
  1. Clear the Driveway! Make sure there are no cars blocking the front of the home.
  2. Clean up the front yard. Now’s a good time to refresh that mulch, or trim the hedges. It’s hard work, but it pays off in the long run.
  3. While we’re outside, consider making sure that the back yard is also clean and organized. Get out the rake.
  4. Inside, the first thing to consider is that we want this home to look appealing to the greatest amount of potential buyers. This mindset is a common theme for all aspects of preparing a home for real estate photography, and will help answer a lot of the questions you may have.
  5. De-Clutter!!! At this point, you’ll want to remove all ‘personal’ belongings. This includes family photos, and knick-knacks. You are welcome to leave non-distracting décor and wall art out and on the walls. You’ve seen the showrooms at Ikea, a little less cluttered than those spaces is best.
  6. Clean and make all the beds. Don’t just make the beds for sleeping it, make them like hotel rooms are – pristine. And that dust on the end table, the camera can see that.
  7. Turn all the lights on, even the lamps. Turn ALL Fans off. Real estate photography uses slower shutter speeds and a moving fan will likely just not show it at all. It’s a small detail, but if you ever look at real estate photography online, the fans are NOT, moving.
  8. Open all the window treatments and blinds. We want to show off how bright and airy a room is, and to do that, we need those windows free from coverings. If the neighbor’s backyard is showing through a window, and it’s not the prettiest of sites – bring it up with your realtor and your photographer ahead of time.
  9. Remove small area rugs. It sounds silly, but small rugs can affect the appearance of the size of the room, they also hide the flooring – both factors a potential buyer is interested in checking out.
  10.  Last but not least, hire a professional real estate photographer. Cellphone cameras are great, but a professional real estate photographer will know how to show your home in its best light.

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