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Do I Need a Professional Headshot in 2021?

Do I need a professional headshot in 2021? Absolutely! Unfortunately many of us are still working remotely, meaning that often times there aren’t many face to face meetings. Resumes are being sent in, job sites like LinkedIn are being used more, so now more than ever is the time to have a fresh new professional headshot. See some of my reasons why.

Need a Professional Headshot

Career Goals

Chances are your old professional headshot doesn’t suit your current career goals, or even the current job market for that matter. In this new age of remote work, the job market has completely changed, so change it up!

Best You

Is it your best look? Having a professional headshot is your best chance a making a great first impression. If you cropped yourself out of a family photo, or took a selfie (yes they’ll know) it isn’t the first impression you want to be making. If you don’t love it, no one else is going to love it either. A professional photographer will be able to catch you in your best light, looking your best.

Stand Out

Having a quality headshot will make you stand out from the sea of candidates that are vying for the same position you are. The job market is flooded today. So give yourself the best shot possible! Your photographer can give you tips on dressing, putting your best face forward, will give you the best lighting, for the best headshot possible!

If you or your team is in need of new or updated headshots, Dylan Todd Photography is here to help! What makes sense for your business? I am here to accommodate your needs, whether it be an outdoor lighting, or a more professional in studio type shoot for your photos. Contact me and we’ll set up a time to schedule your professional headshots!

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