Five Things You Should Know before Booking Your Photographer

Booking a photographer for a wedding or portrait session is a very personal decision. You want to be sure you, or you and your future spouse mesh well with the photographer and are on the same page for what the end product will be. These photos will last a lifetime, or are going to portray you, so you want them to be the best they can be. See these top five things you should know before booking your photographer.

What is their style?

Are they going to fit your style? Everyone has a different style, and theirs might not match up with what you had in mind. Take a look at their portfolio and see what theirs looks like. While you’re looking at it, picture yourself in those photos and decide if you can see yourself in those poses, or backgrounds.


Is what you’re looking for going to fit into the budget that this photographer offers? Or can they work with your budget. Be sure that they know exactly what you want, this includes the number of photos, digital, print, as well as the types of photos, and location. How long you want them to be there.


Does your potential photographer offer reviews? Reviews are important. There’s no better way to gauge how someone works with others than seeing online reviews of their past clients.


When you have a chance to meet the photographer ahead of time you can tell just how passionate they are about their profession. This will not only put you at ease, but let you know they love what they do and that the photos you get will capture you in your best light! They have to be passionate about the job they’re being hired for whether it be a wedding, a school portrait, or a professional head shot.


Do they have all the equipment needed for your specific requests? If you want night shots, are they equipped for that? Do they own their own equipment? Or need to rent equipment or space. Ask questions, a great photographer will be happy to answer all of them!

If you have any questions, contact me or give me a call and I’m happy to answer them!

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