Talk about your favorite piece of Camera equipment

In discussing blog ideas with the web/marketing company that I’ve been with for a bit now (worth it) – they’re Webtivity Marketing and I highly recommend them, we came across the idea of talking about my favorite piece of camera equipment. I know, this is probably more suited for the other photographers out there – but hey – I don’t mind.
I started trying to pinpoint what 1 piece I use the most that isn’t a camera body. (Camera Bodies could always be better, intuitive, have greater resolution or something in my opinion). My first thought was my go-to real estate lens. I use the Canon 17-40 f/4 L lens. I’ve had it for a couple years and it’s truly an amazing piece of glass. Thinking on it – it’s a little too utilitarian. Would I pick this lens out of lineup of lenses? Probably not.
I started to think of if there’s an accessory that I really enjoy. One that just makes my life so much better and has been incorporated into my ‘brand.’ This got me thinking of what photography truly is. (I apologize for the trailing of thoughts). Photography is truly the capture of light and what better way to capture/make/control light than well – a strobe!
I’m going to go out on a limb to say that Godox’s ecosystem of lighting is my favorite piece(s) of equipment. I have their speed light, two AD200s, and an AD400. It’s a lot of numbers and all – just know they all are 1) Portable, 2) Rechargeable, 3) Powerful, and 4) Consistent.

My Favorite Camera Equipment

I’ve tried other lighting brands. I’ve used Neewer strobes, Canon Speedlights, I’ve tried Yonguo and Sigma. The best bang for your buck is truly Godox. They’re affordable and of good quality.

They work on multiple brands of cameras (you need a specific trigger for the brand camera you’re using) and they are controllable wirelessly through the trigger, or through the camera (TTL). This is huge, because well – I’m kinda short and it’s difficult to bring a light down to adjust it to then put it back up in place. I can control it right there on the top of the camera.

Also, they’re all wireless – like no wires. Like I’m in the studio and a client isn’t going to trip. Like I want to photograph on the beach and I don’t need to worry about where the power chord plugs into. It’s truly amazing.
Back in college I remember bringing extension cords with me to get a beach shot with flash and it was a hassle.

Now, if I had to pick 1 item from the set that I have – I’d say the AD200. It is a lot of power for a long time, it’s reasonably small and portable. If you have never seen one – imagine an old cellphone (the ones that look like bricks) it’s about that big. And it packs quite a punch.

So, that’s how I’ve decided that my lighting equipment is my favorite. Without it I wouldn’t be able to take the images I enjoy taking. It makes my life easier and allows me to experiment and create in so many amazing ways.

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