Edward Scissorhands House

Well, I think I became viral. Earlier this month I had an inquiry to photograph a very special listing. Megan Hartnell, the realtor, reached out and explained that this was the Edward Scissorhands House! I was excited and calm. I’ve photographed hundreds of listings and knew that this home wouldn’t – it couldn’t – be that special. We scheduled the shoot and services.
I got to the listing a bit early, figured I’d spend some time exploring the community and photographing the communities amenities. When I came around the corner, I saw the home on Tinsmith Circle standing out from the rest. From the bright color to the fun plants – I knew this was it.

Edward Scissorhands

I was greeted by Megan outside the home, and she expressed that this home was special, that it would be featured everywhere, and that the owners are delightful and maybe a little quirky. Entering the home – she wasn’t wrong. Joey, one of the owners was fun, friendly, and very excited to show off his museum. We walked around, put on all the lights and went to work.

When you walk into the home, you’re greeted with an altar to Edwards Scissorhands, the main living area and kitchen are filled with memorabilia. It’s a little overwhelming, and definitely interesting. The kitchen features replicated wallpaper from the movie and the original counters. Also in the kitchen is a Edward Mannequin – that looks slightly out the window wondering about the neighbors.

As always, the next day – I sent over the final images to the realtor. She warned me, these images will be everywhere, be sure to put your info on the images. She wasn’t wrong, I’ve received emailed from countless publications asking to use the images for their stories. I’ve included a bunch of them below:

Inside Edition

House Digest


Inside the Magic

Apartment Therapy


The NewYork Post

People Magazine

Creative Loafing Tampa Bay

Yahoo Entertainment

Miami Herald


Nine (Australia)

Daily Mail (United Kingdom)

We Got This Covered

Registry Tampa Bay

Entertainment IE

Pehal News (India)

Love By Life

The AU Times (Australia)


I truly enjoyed highlighting this very special listing in its best light.

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