There are some things that are best left to the professionals. As a photographer, I’m not going to try to go paint a house, or fix an air conditioner, professionals should do that. The same goes for taking real estate photos. Professional photographers can shed the best light on your home, and show it better so it sells faster. These are some reasons why not to take your own real estate photos.


Proper Photos

You’re already caught up trying to sell the home. With so many things on your plate as either the listing agent, or the home owner, you don’t have the time to take the proper photos, let alone edit them. Stick with what you are trying to do, and leave the photography to the professional photographer. This way your photos are sharp, in focus, and the right photos to help you sell faster.


If you’re trying to take photos, you aren’t doing what you should be doing like packing or selling the home. Professional real estate photos simply sell faster than and closer to the listing price than non-professional photos. Think of the last time you were scoping out homes on Zillow? Which ones stood out to you? Did they use professional photography?


The quality of photos from a professional photographer are going to be so much better compared to those a realtor or homeowner can take. These are not photos you want to take with a smart phone or run of the mill digital camera. If you want the home to sell, get a real estate photographer to take photos for you.

Here are some statistics about professional real estate photography provided by the Center for Realtor Development:

Houses with aerial footage and photographs sell 68% faster than those without visuals.

Houses with professional images get 61% more views and sell faster even with only a few days on the market.

Viewers spend 60% of the time checking images and only 20% on the description.

Homes with high-quality images achieve a 47% higher offer per square foot. Homes in the $200-$1M range can sell for $3,000-$11,000 more when they have professional photos.

If you’re considering taking your own photos for your upcoming listing, or listing your own home, contact me, and check out my real estate photos and see the difference hiring a professional really does make in the St. Petersburg area real estate market.

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