custom headshots

Bring out the real you with custom headshots

There’s no better way to bring out the real you than with custom headshots. During our consultation we’ll discuss and plan your custom session to help elevate you in the best way possible. You are your brand –  so be it fun or serious, it’s all about you!  

custom headshots

Do you want to be photographed in a studio? Studio headshots are more serious, they tend to focus on your face. They are also free from distractions which allows the viewers to connect directly with you. Environmental headshots are staged and very carefully planned to suit you and your needs. They are beautiful and they tell your story. 

More than just you? 

Market your brand and your employees by creating a headshot day for everyone! This is an excellent way to get all of your employees together. Create a fun bonding environment and create the photos you want, your way! We’ll be having a headshot day coming up in January! What better way to start the new year than to have fresh new company photos? 

Consider Styling

Having your corporate photos is a great way to convey the message you want to present to your potential customers. Having a cohesive style along with company colors will only make you stand out more. It also shows them that you’re operating as a team. 

Get the message Out! 

Your photo shoot can convey many different aspects of your company. Whether you want to show that you’re open to new ideas, or that your company is very business oriented, or even that you have relaxed operations. Many different ideas come to life during a photoshoot and they can all be discussed and explored to fit your specific needs.

How to Book

These photos are all excellent for use in upcoming marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and in your website! Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. Call or reach me via my contact information and schedule your custom headshot or corporate photo shoot today! 

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